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A Place For Woo (You!)

Meet your spiritual buddies!

Welcome to A Place for Woo!

I seem to have the ability to attract the BEST people! I wanted to create a space where you can connect with all the other woo-woo sparkly souls who have found me. Welcome to my little community. This is a place for you, or rather, a place for woo! 

In here you can meet other incredible and like-minded woo woos, share your own experiences in your spiritual development, have easy access to me & each other, attend zoom hangouts and workshops and MORE! 

Your support in this journey means everything to me, and I cannot wait for you all to meet each other!


Full Details of Tiers:

Monthly Zoom Meetup
Every month we'll meet online for a virtual hangout! This will include some kind of activity that we will vote on each month to decide. It could be a meditation, journaling activity, group medium reading, tarot and more!

Meet Your Spiritual Buddies
Space to talk and connect with similar souls!

Monthly Elemental Tarot Reading by Shhcorpio
Water, Fire, Earth and Air elemental tarot readings done right here for you by Celine!

Early Access
Get in on workshops before everyone else!

Monthly Custom Tarot Reading from Shhcorpio

Each month, receive a PDF reading from Celine with custom tarot wisdom to guide you!

1 on 1 with Bri

This exclusive tier only has 4 spots available. You will have a monthly one-hour zoom call with Bri! On this call you can choose to receive one of the following per meeting: medium reading, channelled guidance from your guides and loved ones, spirit guide work, or mentorship. You can change the service each month, but can only pick one per month. (i.e your one hour meeting can be entirely mentorship one month, and then a medium reading the following month, but cannot be a combination of both in one sitting) 

*All pricing includes HST

A Medium Named Bri

Canadian made, based in Kitchener, Ontario.


Available Worldwide.

Interested in a reading? 

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