I'm so glad you're here.



My name is Bri, and I can talk to the dead.

More specifically - I can speak to our loved ones on the other side. I am a medium who is passionate about using my abilities to help others. 


Bringing messages of love, healing, tears, and even laughter is what lights me up. I am so grateful to get to do the work I do with beautiful souls like yourself.


I want to thank you in advance for your willingness to be open and vulnerable. I know this experience is not always easy, but it is often needed. While there is a lot of pain that is felt with loss, there is also a tremendous amount of love. I am happy to hold your hand through both. But don't worry, I am a crier; so you will be in good company.


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It would be my absolute pleasure to help you connect with your loved ones on the other side.

About my Abilities

If you are curious about how I receive information from our loved ones in spirit, allow me to answer your questions.


It is with the utmost gratitude that I share these kind words with you.

Maggie S

“The experience was so special and gave me a sense of peace. I strongly recommend Bri to come into your home, into your heart and bring a connection that will last a lifetime."

Denise F

“What an amazing experience! This was my 1st time and I am definitely a true believer. The personal details that Bri knew were no coincidence.The peace that she gave me was unbelievable.”

Lyndsay O

“Bri provided a reading for my husband and myself and it was an awesome experience. She was able to connect to three important people in my life that had passed on and knew vivid details.”